The Best Face Cream for Wrinkles

Let's face it, when we first encounter someone, the first thing we notice about them is their skin. If we see smooth, supple, youthful skin, we associate it with good health. If we see dry, wrinkled skin with age spots, we associate it with poor health.

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As we all know, sometimes looks can be deceiving and people who have nice skin may not be the epitome of good health, and having aging skin doesn't necessarily mean you're unhealthy. However, generally speaking, your skin is a reflection of your inward health. 

Besides, we all want to look our best -- both men and women -- and we'd all like to have the best skin possible, regardless of what it says about our health. That's why cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction or lifting sagging chin skin, face lifts to make the skin more taut around the eyes and forehead, and acid/chemical peels are such a huge industry. They don't make people any healthier -- in fact, they have potentially dangerous side effects -- but people pay hundreds of millions for these procedures every year in the US alone in an attempt to look younger.

The good news, however, is if you use the right skin care products, you can not only actually dramatically improve your skin's appearance, but you can improve its health as well. That's why I've never been much of an advocate of plastic surgery as a first line of action to improve one's appearance. To be sure, sometimes something radical is needed, but even then, the results can often produce a fake look and then the person is stuck with that permanently. We've all seen celebrities who go down the plastic surgery route one too many times and the skin on their faces start to look like a caracticture of their former selves.

By contrast I am a believer that, of course, the older we get, there's no way we're always going to look like we're 20 forever. But what we can do is look the best we possibly can at 30, at 40, 50, and beyond. You want to look fantastic and natural at those ages. The way to accomplish this feat is to use the best skin care products that contain organic and natural ingredients that have been clinically tested to get results.

Natural Ingredients in the Best Cream for Face Wrinkles

I know words like "all natural" are overused these days, but when I use it, I really mean it. The best, natural skin care product lines should be natural enough to ingest! Now, I'm not suggesting you want to squirt skin care products into your mouth and eat them! 

But hear me out.

You see, if a product is made of natural ingredients then that means you should technically be able to ingest it without getting ill. Do you think you'd still be well if you ingested skin care products that had a lot of chemicals in them? Of course not. Yet, so many of these products -- ironically some of the most expensive ones -- are full of chemicals and preservatives that are not natural at all.

For example, many of them contain high levels of fragrances. These may smell nice but they are chemical based and definitely not good for your skin. Also, many other skin care lines contain cheap oils that may feel good while you slather them on, but can end up clogging your skin's pores, causing skin rashes, irritations, and a slew of other potential problems like dependency on the product. Some will actually make your aging skin look even more aged with continued use and make your wrinkles even more pronounced, depending on the ingredients they contain and how long you use them.

How Effective Are Face Cream For Wrinkles?

And please don't think just because a well know celebrity endorses a skin care line it must be better. It just usually makes the product more expensive since those celebrities don't come cheap and they are often paid royalties as well. It's just that those marketers know many people will be more apt to try a product if someone famous says so. It's quite obnoxious in my opinion. I mean, does a famous person really know more about skin health than someone like you and me who is doing their own due diligence and research just because they are famous? Of course not.

But back to my original point about being able to ingest the product. You see, even if you don't eat your skin care product (which, of course, you shouldn't!) you are actually ingesting it in some fashion. What do I mean? Well, your skin is a highly porous organ that means anything you put onto it will absorb into the pores and get into your bloodstream (assuming the ingredients can actually penetrate your pores -- not everything can).

This is why natural, clinically tested ingredients are so important. Because, in a very real way, by putting the product on your face, neck, and the rest of your body, you are ingesting the product, so you only want ingredients that are good for your body!

On the other hand, not everything in a skin care product can penetrate your pores as I alluded to above, and this is an area ripe for rip off artists. For example, one of the biggest scams going on right now in the skin care industry are the collagen and elastin skin care lotions. They take something most of us know -- that collagen and elastin protein production keeps our skin looking youthful and wrinkle free -- and then they trick people into believing that by slathering on collagen and elastin directly on the skin, you're going to achieve younger looking skin.

Unfortunately, science has shown this is impossible because the pores in our skin are not big enough to permit collagen and elastin molecules to enter into the layers of the dermis. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted each year on these products that do nothing beneficial for the consumers who buy them.

However, what is possible is to use natural, clinically tested ingredients that can enter the skin's pores and help your own body stimulate more of its own collagen and elastin production. And, this right here, among other things, is the key to retaining youthful looking skin while benefitting its health simultaneously. 

What is the Best Face Cream for Wrinkles?

This is why, after extensively researching the market and comparing skin care products, I am proud to recommend Xtend-Life's skin care line from New Zealand.

Of course, you still need to eat right, drink plenty of water, get adequate rest, and all of those things you know you should be doing anyway, but sometimes we definitely need more. After many years spent in the sun and being exposed to its rays, exposure to environmental pollutants, stress, and contact with chemicals in the course of our daily lives (even if we try our best to avoid them), we need to help our skin counteract these negative influences by using a pure, natural skin care line that combines the best of science and nature.

In my opinion, Xtend-Life's Natural Products skin care line, one formulated for women and one for men, are among the best choices available that I've come across so far in my research. Their web site is also highly educational when it comes to skin care philosophy and educating people on what their skin needs. At the very least, therefore, I'm pretty confident you will learn something about how to nourish and protect your skin's health that you didn't know before just by reading a few pages of their site.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best face cream for wrinkles, then I highly recommend that you click here to visit Xtend-Life's official website. No matter if you are 20-something, or in your late 30s or early 50s, I am pretty confident you will discover more about how to nourish and protect your skin's health that you didn't even know before.

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